congatec conga-HPC/sILH

June 17, 2022


Image Provided by congatec Inc.

congatec’s new Intel Xeon D-2700 processor based Server-on-Modules in the data center level COM-HPC Server Size E performance class are tailored for deeply embedded real-time servers for rugged environments that will digitize the world.

Improvements include up to 20 cores, up to impressive 1TB GB RAM, double throughput per PCIe lane to Gen 4 speeds, as well as up to 100 GbE connectivity and TCC/TSN support. With up to 8 RAM sockets they also boast massively more memory bandwidth, which is essential for server workloads. Additionally these modules support TCC/TSN enabled real-time Ethernet. This is a combination that many OEMs have been eagerly waiting for.

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