IAR Systems Delivers Tools for Ultra-Low-Power Security MCUs from STMicroelectronics

February 27, 2020

Press Release

IAR Systems Delivers Tools for Ultra-Low-Power Security MCUs from STMicroelectronics

IAR Embedded Workbench and C-Trust enable high performance, secure applications based on the STM32L5 series.

Uppsala, Sweden—February 20, 2020—IAR Systems®, the future-proof supplier of software tools and services for embedded development, announces immediate support for the new STMicroelectronics’ STM32L5 series in the complete development toolchain IAR Embedded Workbench® for Arm® as well as in the integrated security tool C-Trust® for simplified security implementation.

The STM32L5 series of MCUs are based on Arm Cortex®-M33 with Arm TrustZone® hardware-based security. For maximum security, ST adds the freedom to include or exclude each I/O, peripheral, or area of Flash or SRAM from TrustZone protection, allowing sensitive workloads to be fully isolated. The STM32L5 also supports active tamper detection and secure firmware installation. In addition to this protection, ST has implemented ultra-low power techniques resulting in excellent ULPMark scores, which are key measures of ultra-low power efficiency based on real-world benchmarks developed by EEMBC. Using IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm, ST has achieved the scores of 370 ULPMark-CoreProfile and 54 ULPMark-PeripheralProfile at 1.8V.

Developers using IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm can leverage advanced code optimization techniques and power debugging functionality to make sure the application is fast, efficient and highly compact. In addition, integrated static and runtime code analysis tools ensure code quality. Working as an extension to IAR Embedded Workbench, the security tool C-Trust enables application developers to deliver secure, encrypted code. The tool includes ready-made Security Context Profiles that automatically include all the necessary security and encryption settings for providing the application with a robust protection against intellectual property theft, malware injection, counterfeiting and overproduction. C-Trust supports the core security functions of the device, including Arm TrustZone for Arm Cortex-M.

“By combining ultra-low power with security, we are creating new possibilities for IoT applications,” says Daniel Colonna, Microcontroller Division Marketing Director, STMicroelectronics. “Our customers can leverage the extensive functionality and innovative security integration offered by IAR Systems’ tools to make sure their applications fulfill the high demands of Industrial IoT applications and other applications with requirements for reliability and security.”

“Joint customers of IAR Systems and ST range from some of the world’s largest corporations to tens of thousands of small and mid-sized companies, trusting us to provide the tools they need when they need them,” comments Anders Holmberg, Chief Strategy Officer, IAR Systems. “We will continue to leverage our strong relationship to deliver superior technology and early device support, enabling our customers to take their connected products to the next level of security as well as energy efficiency.”

Support for the STM32L5 family is available using IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm. Learn more at IAR Systems’ booth at embedded world 2020, Feb 25-27, in Nuremberg, Germany or at www.iar.com/iar-embedded-workbench.

For companies who wants to customize or create their own Security Context Profiles, IAR Systems and its sister company Secure Thingz offer the Security from Inception Suite: a unique set of tools and services for implementing and customizing security in embedded applications, ensuring companies are successful in building the right level of security for their specific needs. Learn more at www.securethingz.com.