Product of the Week: Artila’s PAC-6070 Linux Computing Platform

June 05, 2023

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Product of the Week: Artila’s PAC-6070 Linux Computing Platform

The free and open-source operating system kernel, Linux, has been popularized for its development tools, high reliability, open-source software accessibility, and much more. As a computing platform for IoT applications, Linux brings the aforementioned features, in addition to its system utilities, libraries, and software packages to further support the collection, processing, and analysis of data in industrial IoT environments.

The PAC-6070 from Artila Electronics is a Linux computing platform for advanced industrial IoT applications. Equipped with the NXP i.MX6ULL Cortex-A7 CPU, a Linux-based programmable automation controller compatible with Linux and widely supported in the open-source community, the rugged platform is cost-effective solution that supports low-power consumption, graphics and multimedia processing, and real-time processing.

The PAC-6070 Linux Computing Platform in Action

The PAC-6070 includes 1GB of LvDDR3 SDRAM and 16G of eMMC storage, and supports the use of removable flash memory storage devices like one full size miniPCIe socket inside, one micro-SIM slot reserved, and one micro-SD slot reserved.

With a wide range of on-board I/O for monitor and control, the computing platform supports voltage/current measurement, opto-isolated digital inputs, and high-power relay outputs. The PAC-6070 provides five 24-bit A/D channels, as well as 8 opto-isolated digital inputs, and 8 relay outputs for electrical isolation and protection, and the switching and control of external electrical loads.

The computing platform also includes two 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports, one isolated RS-485 port, and 1 USB host internet, making the PAC-6070 ideal for use in high-speed networking, industrial automation, workstation, and other bandwidth-dependent tasks. Additionally, a DIN-rail mount is provided for secure onsite installation of the computing platform in industrial settings.

Getting Started with the PAC-6070 Linux Computing Platform

The PAC-6070 features a power input of +9VDC ~ +48VDC —which supports industrial environments subject to extreme operating temperatures — and temperatures -20°C to +70°C.

The PAC-6070 is accompanied by a Linux-ready platform that can be retrofitted to different systems with stable transmission. Artila also provides long-term product availability beyond 5 years and technical support.

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