Empowering Manufacturing-X: Unleash the Potential of NexAIoT NISE 3910 for Edge AI Applications

April 02, 2024


Empowering Manufacturing-X: Unleash the Potential of NexAIoT NISE 3910 for Edge AI Applications
Image Credit: NexAIoT

NexAIoT Co., Ltd. will exhibit the NISE 3910 and other Manufacturing-X solutions at Embedded World 2024 in Hall 5, Stand 5-253

From edge computing with IoT connectivity to intelligent automation, the integration of Manufacturing-X and AI is reshaping the future of Industry 4.0 by revolutionizing industrial processes to optimize efficiency, quality, and nonstop innovation across the manufacturing landscape.

By collecting data from various devices, manufacturers can get detailed data such as production status, manufacturing parameters, factory environmental conditions, and the bill of materials for currently producing and finished products. However, how could users integrate so many protocols at once? How to compute all data at edge devices to optimize data transition quality and enhance stability? Edge computing performance and IoT connectivity become important matters then.

Powerful and Versatile with Intel® Alder Lake-S & Raptor Lake-S Processors

NexAIoT, a subsidiary of NEXCOM (a global leader in edge computing and industrial IoT solutions), is releasing the NISE 3910 series. Featuring Intel® 12th/13th generation Core™ processors, it's ideal for edge AI applications and bridging OT and IT as a gateway and edge server. The CPUs are available as i3, i5, i7, and i9 and are known for their improved energy efficiency and computing power. The integrated Intel Q670E PCH chipset efficiently manages hardware communication, minimizes latency and optimizes data transfer. In combination, they offer a reliable solution for various applications, from industrial systems to data centers. The NISE 3910 is compatible with Windows IoT Enterprise 10, Windows 11, and Linux OS for easy integration.

Enhanced Connectivity and Data Reliability

With the arrival of Industry 4.0, users prioritize connectivity more than ever before. Increasing data demands driven by high-resolution graphics, massive sensor data, and multitasking capabilities supported by the latest Intel® 12th/13th Gen Core™ i3/i5/i7/i9 processors (up to 16 E-Cores) render 1GbE insufficient. In the past, industrial automation required three RJ45 ports for communication within master-slave networks using EtherCAT, PLC, or Profibus protocols. To address the evolving need for reliable and stable connections, the inclusion of four RJ45 ports is an even better solution.

Multiple Expansion Interface and Functionality

The NISE 3910 boasts a variable expansion interface, enabling support for WiFi, LTE, and 5G modules, enhancing its functionality as a gateway, and improving connectivity options. Additionally, it caters to the automation field by retaining PCIe x4 or PCI interfaces for expansion cards like motion control or vision input solutions. As an edge server, data transmission performance is crucial. Hence, the NISE 3910 features a PCIe x4 (NvME) slot on M.2 Key M, offering exceptional read/write speeds for SSDs. Furthermore, the PCIe x16 slot with 75W power support caters to edge AI computing by enabling the use of light-load graphic cards. The direct PCIe x16 signal from the Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7/i9 processors, coupled with the 2 x DDR5 slots, facilitates seamless communication with GPUs, maximizing edge computing performance.

Software-Defined Platform

Smart factories demand the integration of Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) for data-driven insights. The NISE 3910, seamlessly merging OT and IT as a gateway, facilitates this by integrating with Hive X (IoT Studio and NexUA). IoT Studio, an open-source platform supporting various devices and protocols, acts as the data collection hub. NexUA, based on the OPC UA standard, enables information collection and management, allowing users to organize complex factory data and leverage historical data with flexible storage options.

Edge AI Computing for Sustainable Manufacturing

Industries are increasingly prioritizing ESG factors as key attributes for achieving sustainable practices. NexAIoT bridges the gap between high-performance AI and eco-friendly solutions, offering software-defined AI and graphics cards for carbon emission tracking. By combining IPCs with AI and sensors, factories gain efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and enhance overall sustainability.

To see NISE 3910 as well as other appliances from the Manufacturing-X product line,
visit NEXCOM’s booth during Embedded World 2024 (4/9-11, 2024)
@Messezentrum Nuremberg, Germany, Hall 5, Booth 5-253.

About NexAIoT
NexAIoT Co., Ltd. was incorporated in 2014 and is a subsidiary of NEXCOM Group to commit to delivering Industry 4.0 total solutions to clients globally, which includes iAutomation (Level 1), M2M Gateway (Level 2), IoT Edge (Level 3) and Cloud-based Enterprise War Room (Level 4) of the Industrial IoT ecosystem. Various systems in Levels 1 to 4 have been successfully integrated by NexAIoT and implemented in the company iAT2000 system, a total solution for Industry 4.0 based on an open architecture and industry cloud-based SCADA System. NexAIoT continues to build up the AIoT eco-system toward ESG transformation, meeting the diverse services of its global clientele with innovation and sustainability.

NEXCOM, founded in 1992 and headquartered in Taiwan, stands as a distinguished global leader in edge computing and industrial IoT solutions. Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to excellence, NEXCOM provides integrated services encompassing SD-Edge Computing (software-defined edge computing) and cutting-edge MOM (manufacturing operations management) platforms. Its comprehensive solutions include network and communication, mobile computing, video surveillance, smart city and retail, digital healthcare, AIoT services, OT cybersecurity, industrial IoT, and robots - all developed based on open standards. NEXCOM continues to build up the AIoT eco-system toward ESG transformation, meeting the diverse services of its global clientele with innovation and sustainability.
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