Altia Releases Altia Design 13.3

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 04, 2022


Altia Releases Altia Design 13.3

Altia announced the release of Altia Design 13.3, the company's flagship editing suite for the creation of embedded graphical user interfaces (GUIs).

The centerpiece of the Altia tool suite, Altia Design, allows GUI designers to turn static digital graphics into fully functional GUI prototypes -- preparing graphics for code generation with Altia DeepScreen.

This tool chain can be used by professionals around the world in automotive, medical, industrial, and consumer goods applications to get artists' assets from third party design tools like Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Maya, and more onto production hardware.

Altia Design 13.3 for GUI development offers new features, like:

  • Programmable Scene Node, which allows developers to inject their own 3D content into a 3D scene; ideal for integration of mapping applications and ADAS
  • Differential 3D Import, which gives users the capability to replace geometry in the scene without replacing or deleting any of the customization/animation already done in Altia
  • Composite Timelines, which lets users create parent and child timelines - letting users control the sequence of child timelines by the parent
  • Blend Animations, which allows for seamless transition between two complex, independent animations
  • Responsive Layout, which allows developers to set rules for objects and design a GUI once to accommodate for a variety of screen sizes and resolutions

Also included in Altia Design 13.3 are important font module updates as well as enhancements for workflow, user interface and user experience.

Altia Design 13.3 is available. Designers and product developers interested in bringing their next generation GUIs to life with Altia can request a demo of Altia Design 13.3 at

For more information, visit:

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