Embedded Toolbox: Seamless Pin Multiplexing on Advanced SoCs

August 10, 2021


That's great in terms of flexibility and functionality. It's bad in terms of simplicity, at least for OEMs and systems integrators. Usually, pin muxing involves diving through massive excel spreadsheets to identify the different signals that can be carried by each pin, the various voltages needed to drive pins to carry those signals, and so on. 

Mux a pin or two, no big deal. Mux multiple pins and you start encountering design scalability issues that not only impact the hardware design, but can quickly make device trees and configuration files unwieldy as well. That is, unless, a tool can help abstract the tedious task of data sheet diving and automatically generate the code needed to switch up pin performance on the fly.

Digi International’s ConnectCore Smart IOMUX is a graphical tool that provides those capabilities and more. Tune in to this episode of Embedded Toolbox as Andreas Burghart, the company’s Principal IoT Technology Manager, reviews how you can mux a Digi International SoMs based on sophisticated NXP i.MX SoCs in minutes.

Tune in.