NXP Eases Industrial IoT Development with its i.MX RT Industrial Drive Development Platform

By Chad Cox

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 27, 2022


Image Provided by NXP Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors released the i.MX RT Industrial Drive Development Platform, a comprehensive modular solution uniting essential technologies for the next generation of secure Industrial IoT (IIoT).

NXP Semiconductors built the platform on the i.MX RT1170 crossover MCU family and EdgeLock SE05x secure element. With support for multi-axis motor control, deterministic Ethernet with time-sensitive networking (TSN) communication, human machine interfaces (HMI), and next-generation security and cyber resilience, the platform is designed to simplify development for Industry 4.0 applications.

Industrial systems depend on secure, smart, connected devices to further the automation of factories, buildings, and infrastructure. Industry 4.0 devices necessitate progressively involved security, deterministic real-time communications, and autonomous control technologies. The i.MX RT Industrial Drive Development Platform enables system designers to leverage a single platform for quicker development with testing for a variety of complex industrial use cases that incorporate a security-by-design approach.

According to NXP Semiconductors, the i.MX RT Industrial Drive Development Platform includes:

  • Supports a variety of interfaces, including TSN Ethernet, high-speed CAN-FD, secure CAN, RS485, digital I/O, software configurable analog inputs and near-field communications (NFC) for fast credential commissioning.
  • Supports up to 4 motors
  • i.MX RT1176 crossover MCU combines low power consumption with a high performance Arm Cortex-M7 core at 1 GHz (800 MHz in industrial qualified version) and integrated on-chip security, including secure boot and crypto engines
  • NAFE next generation Analog Front End (AFE) platform with software configurable analog inputs for high-precision data acquisition and condition monitoring systems.
  • GD3000 field effect transistor pre-driver designed for three-phase motor control and extended supply voltage range 6.0 V to 60 V
  • PF5020 multi-channel power management IC (PMIC) with integrated functional safety options, designed for high-performance automotive and industrial applications
  • TJA115x CAN transceiver with hardware firewall, intrusion detection and intrusion prevention support. Offers a hardware-based, non-cryptographic foundation for layered security on CAN networks
  • TJA146x CAN Signal Improvement Capability transceiver with standby mode, implements CAN FD communication at 5 Mbps
  • PN7462NFC Cortex-M0 all-in-one microcontroller for NFC reading, with optional contact interface for access control
  • Edgelock SE05x certified EdgeLock secure element family with extended crypto functionalities for multi-(I)IoT use case

“Intelligent industrial applications must securely communicate, share data and interact with both their users and with other machines. The i.MX RT Industrial Drive Development Platform provides flexibility to develop and test advanced IIoT applications that require security-by-design,” said Jeff Steinheider, Vice President and General Manager, Industrial Edge Processing, NXP. “This new platform simplifies the development of a new generation of industrial devices that will drive the transition to truly smart factories.”

For more information, visit nxp.com.