IoT Security for Low-Resource RISC-V Devices

November 30, 2018

IoT Security for Low-Resource RISC-V Devices

SecureRF to Exhibit and Participate in Panel Discussion on RISC-V Security at First RISC-V Summit

SecureRF to Exhibit and Participate in Panel Discussion on RISC-V Security at First RISC-V Summit


Fast, small-footprint, low-energy, quantum-resistant IoT processor- to- processor security for RISC-V. Applications include authentication and identification for low-resource devices, such as consumer electronics, Industrial IoT, wireless sensors and controllers, automotive controllers, and embedded medical devices.

Company security experts will be on hand to demonstrate the performance advantages of SecureRF’s Secure Boot and Secure Firmware Update solutions on the SiFive “HiFive” board.


December 3 – December 6, 2018


Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA


Louis Parks, CEO of SecureRF Corporation. Mr. Parks is available for interviews about IoT security business issues and technology solutions at the conference or by phone before or after the event. Mr. Parks also will participate on the RISC-V media panel on security taking place Tuesday, Dec. 4 from 2:25 to 2:45 p.m. PT.


Most IoT devices are built on low-resource processors that lack the computational power to effectively run legacy security methods. The resulting security vulnerabilities in the IoT are getting more and attention; regulations requiring a baseline of security for IoT products are taking effect in California. Additionally, consumer awareness of the potential for IoT devices to be compromised is impacting their buying decisions. As a result, the IoT ecosystem is coming to understand the importance of securing these now vulnerable IoT devices.

SecureRF’s key agreement protocols and digital signature algorithms outperform legacy methods, enabling device-to-device security that is up to 85 percent smaller, with execution speeds up to 79 times faster when compared to legacy methods, and significantly less energy.

SecureRF was recognized by the Linley Group with its Analysts’ Choice award for Best Technology in 2017. It is a RISC-V Foundation member.


Michael Donovan, SecureRF, [email protected] or 203-227-3151 x1342