Dataminr Provides AI for Real-Time Threats

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 08, 2023


Dataminr Provides AI for Real-Time Threats
Image Credit: Dataminr

New York. Dataminr released its Pulse for Cyber Risk powered by its AI platform. The solution grants users actionable intelligence on real-time risks and cyber-physical threats. 

Ted Bailey, Founder and CEO of Dataminr said, "With the launch of Dataminr Pulse for Cyber Risk, we are leveraging artificial intelligence to produce real-time actionable intelligence across the cyber, physical and digital domains.”

Dataminr leverages its multimodal fusion AI platform to power Pulse for Cyber Risk cross-correlating various data formats including text, image, video, sound, and machine generated sensor data.

The deep learning real-time detection platform delivers natural language comprehension (150+ languages), computer vision for images, videos, OCR & logo detection, audio processing & classification, and multi-variable abnormality detection. These aid in the utilization of Large Language Models (LLMs) to create integrated summaries of real-time threats.

Also integrated is a named entity recognition (NER) enabling dynamic entity mapping allowing a view of threats that are specific to user, its partners, and its third-party supply chain.

Use Cases Include:

  • Cyber-physical Convergence
  • Vulnerability Prioritization
  • External Attack Intelligence
  • Digital Risk Detection

“Corporate enterprises can now utilize the expanded Dataminr Pulse product suite to enable faster and more effective real-time response and to bolster their enterprise resilience," ended Bailey.


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