Faster AI-Enabled Network Security and Improved Threat Detection from Check Point Software

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

October 20, 2022


SAN CARLOS, CA. Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. unveiled its Check Point Quantum Titan, part of the Check Point Quantum cyber security platform utilizing AI with deep learning capabilities for preventing 5X more DNS exploits and 4X more phishing when juxtaposed with previous generation technologies. Frank Dickson, IDC Group Vice President of Security and Trust, explains “Check Point looks to prevent these elusive cyberattacks with Titan, the newest release of their Quantum security platform. Check Point applies AI deep learning threat prevention, automation, threat intelligence analytics, and unified security management to simplify operations and increase security effectiveness across the network, data center, cloud, endpoints and IoT.”

According to Checkpoint, the Quantum Titan is the only autonomous IoT security solution with business-driven security performance. Leveraging Quantum IoT Protect adds proprietary with an increase in the efficiency of detecting all IoT components while automatically applying zero-trust profiles to begin attack prevention in five minutes or less.

The Quantum Titan features auto-scaling to adjust to abnormal traffic surges and to have the ability to immediately arrange applications and substantial workloads during critical intervals.

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