NXP Semiconductor Releases EdgeLock Secure Enclave

By Perry Cohen

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 11, 2021


NXP Semiconductor Releases EdgeLock Secure Enclave
(Image courtesy of NXP)

NXP Semiconductor has announced the release of EdgeLock Secure Enclave, a preconfigured, self-managed, and autonomous, on-die security subsystems.

The technology is fully integrated in the company’s i.MX 8ULP, i.MX 8ULP-CS and i.MX 9 applications processors, easing the complexities of implementing security intelligence for IoT applications.

EdgeLock assists developers with security goals by allowing them to focus on new ways to differentiate edge applications.

According to a company press release, integrating the secure enclave into many upcoming EdgeVerse™ processor families, NXP will provide developers with a wide range of scalable options to more easily deploy state-of-the-art security in thousands of edge applications including smart home devices, wearables, portable healthcare devices, smart appliances, embedded controls and industrial IoT systems.

Further, it contains a dedicated security core, internal ROM, secure RAM, and supports side channel attack resilient symmetric and asymmetric crypto accelerators and hashing functions.

On top of this, it stores and protects assets including RoT and crypto keys.

The subsystem is isolated from other processor cores that operate in line with applications and real-time processing funtions.

Feature per the same press release include the following:

  • Beyond Crypto
  • Advanced Tamper Detection
  • Intelligent Power Management
  • Managed Agents
  • Preconfigured security policies

For more information, visit nxp.com/secureenclave.

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