Embedded Toolbox: Don't Use Jenkins for Embedded DevOps with Dojo Five

October 25, 2022


The development world is changing, and fast. So fast that multi-disciplinary engineering teams can no longer rely on waterfall development models and hope to keep up with the constant updates and revisions required by modern electronic systems and software.

By now you've at least heard of Agile and DevOps development methodologies as a way for engineering organizations can break free from the constraints of linear development practices to design, build, and test systems iteratively and collaboratively. You've probably also heard of ways you can build out an embedded DevOps infrastructure that allows you to continuously integrate and deliver solutions using open-source tools like Jenkins automation servers; your existing development, QA, and version control environments; and some spit, chewing gum, and elbow grease.

But the reality is something "so simple" is rarely ever that. The truth is that organizations building homegrown CI/CD infrastructure to support Agile DevOps methodologies usually have teams of engineers dedicated to the infrastructure and set aside six- or seven-figure budgets to its maintenance.

Does that describe your organization? If not, it would probably be best to investigate other options.

Dojo Five is a team of embedded developers dedicated to modernizing the firmware lifecycle for embedded software organizations with a goal of transitioning 10,000 embedded engineering projects to DevOps over the next 10 years. On this episode of Embedded Toolbox, Joe Schneider, the company's President, provides a glimpse into their EmbedOps solution that can help embedded software projects into DevOps environments in a few minutes with a few clicks.

Tune in to learn how you can step out of the waterfall and into CI/CD.