Build Your Dream Product, Today!

January 07, 2021

Press Release

Build Your Dream Product, Today!

Build your dream ODM products with Shenzhen Wesion Technology Co., Ltd., an original design and manufacturing (ODM) company based out of Shenzhen China.

Shenzhen Wesion Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to four principles throughout their ODM process, these were discovered through the process of working with their clients, and are essential for project success and long-term client satisfaction.

Principle 1 - Professional: 

Let our engineers translate your product ideas into engineering requirements. 

Gouwa Wang, CEO of Shenzhen Wesion Technology tells us: “Often clients who come to us are in their ideation phase and attempting to find an ideal product-market fit, they are more involved with the customer and less with the underlying technical implementation. So our engineers are responsible for converting your product requirements into solutions that can not only be manufactured but meet the various safety and regulatory standards around the world. We are also ready to work with more experienced clients who come to us with existing product requirements or engineering specifications.”

Principle 2 - Quality: 

We only use high quality components to ensure your product reliability. 

Terry Yang, CTO of Shenzhen Wesion Technology told us about the past: “It used to be standard practice for ODM companies in China to incorporate used or recycled components into their clients’ products as a means of cost reduction. However, this led to downstream complications with product reliability, customer returns, overall reputation loss and dissatisfaction. We avoid these problems for our customers by only sourcing for new, reliable components that meet UL or other certifications. In addition, we will perform environmental, aging, and product reliability tests in accordance with your engineering requirements.”

Principle 3 - Efficient:

We aim to provide you the best balance between price, time and product quality.

Willow Li, CFO of Shenzhen Wesion Technology tells us of her experience: “There will be many other companies out there who will promise you the moon and the stars for an unbeatable price. What they don’t tell you is that everything comes with a cost; projects that are under-funded with high-aspirations often run overtime or are never delivered; wasting the client’s valuable time, money, and reputation. When you work with our experienced RnD team, we will always be upfront with your expectations and aim to find the best balance between cost and quality that respects your company’s market schedule and your customer’s needs. This is why I continue to work at Shenzhen Wesion Technology, they are an honest bunch who won’t take you for a ride.”

Principle 4 - Available:

Guaranteed to always be able to manufacture your product, for your required life cycle.

Kenny Ye, Production Manager for Shenzhen Wesion Technology advises us: “At Shenzhen Wesion Technology, we aim to provide all our clients life-time support. What this means is that we will select components that remain source-able for the duration of your product’s market life-cycle. We will always do our utmost to keep you fully-stocked and ready to meet the market demand.”

ODM projects at Shenzhen Wesion Technology Co., Ltd. follow 5 phases:

  1. Communication
  2. Initial Prototype
  3. Corrected Prototype
  4. Final Prototype
  5. Manufacturing

Phase 1, communication, is the earliest part of the project and deals with converting ideas into product features and engineering requirements. In this phase, their RnD team will decide whether or not to accept your project; they will only accept projects that match their skill sets and expertise in order to deliver the best result for their clients. Phases 2, 3 and 4 deal with the design, prototyping and performance testing of your ODM product; the hardware and industrial design are developed first, and the software is then written. Once phases 1 through 4 are complete, clients may decide to take their intellectual property (design files, prototypes) and manufacture elsewhere, or work with Shenzhen Wesion Technology to produce the final packaged goods.

More experienced clients may engage Shenzhen Wesion Technology for various individual processes that can plug into their existing workflow, such as:

  • Requirement Evaluation
  • Hardware Design
  • Software Development
  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Mould Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality Control

If you’re interested in working with an experienced ODM company to take you on your product-to-market journey, contact their sales team at [email protected] to schedule a video call.