Ultra Librarian and TDK Partner to Provide Reference Designs in 8 Different CAD Formats

By Chad Cox

Embedded Computing Design

March 25, 2021


Ultra Librarian® announced its partnership with TDK to bring design engineers a 5W to 40W DC-DC multi-module reference design, , from TDK's µPOL™ Embedded DC-DC Converters product line, that enables design engineers to go from concept to design in under 15 minutes.

Most reference designs are only available in PDF or other static formats. Reference designs from Ultra Librarian can be downloaded as native CAD files by design engineers, eliminating the risk and inefficiencies caused by downloading PDF's.

According to the company, the TDK reference design is available in:

  • OrCAD.
  • Allegro PCB.
  • Altium.
  • Design Spark.
  • Eagle.
  • KiCAD.
  • Mentor DX Designer.
  • Mentor PADS Logic.

For more information, visit ultralibrarian.com.