Best in Show Nominee: Tuxera Reliance Sense

March 09, 2023


Best in Show Nominee: Tuxera Reliance Sense

Reliance Sense is a flash file system for storing structured data in NOR flash. It efficiently makes use of the byte-addressable mode of NOR flash to minimize flash wear. The file system has a circular design to suit continuous recording workloads, while configuration data is stored according to a linear design.

Reliance Sense replaces traditional file systems or customized implementations (like ring buffers) with a structured database. Application developers easily control the records stored in the database and how to interact with its records. It ships with an advanced simulation tool for lifetime, power fail-safety, and other flash behavior modeling.

Reliance Sense is specifically engineered to address the main challenges of smart meters, sensors, and logging applications: flash lifetime, limited resources, and need for data reliability and determinism. Its flash friendly operation makes it suitable for use in environments where data is expected to be preserved for more than 15 years. It is robust, deterministic, and fail-safe. In the event of unexpected reset or power interruption, the system will always recover and the integrity of the data is predictable. Reliance Sense works on any RTOS or bare metal system and with any NOR flash part, mitigating flash supply risk.

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