Hyperstone has Low-Power Industrial SSD Controller in Mass Production

By Perry Cohen

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

November 18, 2019


Hyperstone, a fabless semiconductor company, announced its X1 SSD flash memory controller is in mass production, per a company press release.

Hyperstone, a fabless semiconductor company, announced its X1 SSD flash memory controller is in mass production, per a company press release. The industrial flash controller has hyMap firmware, hyReliability features, and full SATA compliance.

The X1 SATA III SSD controller together with firmware and reference designs enables storage applications for industrial and embedded markets. This allows them to benefit from the most energy-efficient and reliable SSD solution possible, per the release. Hyperstone’s eXtended Endurance (FlashXE) feature, SRAM ECC, and end-to-end data path protection is vital in supporting an industrially stable system with today’s flashes.

hyReliability flash management features wear leveling, read-disturb management, data refresh, and best-in-class power-fail robustness.

In addition to comprehensive NAND flash support for industrial applications, Hyperstone provides health monitoring tools enabling advanced system level qualifications.

To learn more about Hyperstone, please visit www.hyperstone.com


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