5 Driving Apps to Encourage Safe Driving

February 22, 2022


5 Driving Apps to Encourage Safe Driving

The search for the perfect and safe vehicle is never-ending. Cars undergo continuous analysis and design changes, and new technology is taking safety to the next level.

Artificial intelligence and embedded technologies can meet cars’ and drivers’ constantly evolving needs. However, onboard operating systems will need to keep up with digital assistants and the growing surge toward omni-digital lifestyles.  

One such example is Texas Instruments’ new advanced driver assistance sensor modules. These modules use various products to enhance onboard radar sensors. They’re also 30% smaller than current-market radar modules. TI’s systems use artificial intelligence-based processing to more efficiently process information. This allows the sensors to pick up oncoming vehicles up to 40% farther away.  

Even with these constant innovations, however, safe driving can often fall to the driver. Distractions are around every corner, but the smartphone is one of the more accident-prone distractions found in the vehicle. Advanced radar systems won’t mean much if the driver is looking at their phone.

So, until fully autonomous transportation is a reality, drivers should use safe driving apps. The following five safe driving apps provide various ways to use a smartphone to promote safety, instead of compromising it. 

Drivemode Dash

Drivemode Dash has been out for four years. In that time, the problem of distracted driving continued to grow. Indeed, the smartphone itself has been one of the biggest enablers of distractions.

However, phones are an essential aspect of modern life. We are connected to the world through our phones. Although that doesn’t excuse using a phone while driving, Drivemode understands that technology can be used safely. Specifically, this app provides:

  • Talk-to-text, call, navigate, or play music. 
  • Large buttons and simple interfaces to minimize distractions.
  • Voice search for contacts and destinations.
  • Customizable favorites lists for easy navigation.

Drivemode Dash is available for Apple and Android devices for free. 


Following a more direct method, OnMyWay disables app notifications whenever you’re moving faster than 10 mph. This includes texts and other alerts. However, its Bluetooth connectivity and voice commands ensure that you keep control. Without your hands, you can still make phone calls, use navigation apps, and play music.

Oh, and have we mentioned that the app will pay you? For further reinforcement of the app’s intended safety benefits, it will pay you $0.05 for every mile you don’t drive and text. While it may not seem like much, that can add up to hundreds of free dollars a year. 

Extra features of the app include:

  • Seamless functionality with apps such as Google Maps and Spotify.
  • Automatic activation over 10 mph.
  • Referral and sign-up cash bonuses to encourage the spread of safety.

OnMyWay is free on both Android and Apple stores.


Following the same incentive-based style, SAFE 2 SAVE pays users two points per minute of safe driving. The app uses the phone’s built-in functionality to track if it is being handled. If the phone is still, then you earn points. 

The app features an auto-on feature that engages once the vehicle moves faster than 10 mph. This app gives you free points just by not touching your phone. Your accumulated points can then be used at local businesses, including restaurants. SAFE 2 SAVE also comes with:

  • A warning notification when it detects phone usage while driving.
  • Group connection to set up safe driving competitions between family, friends, and colleagues.
  • Leaderboards to track the safest drivers. 

SAFE 2 SAVE is free on Android and iPhone app stores. 

TrueMotion Family Safe Driving

Instead of disabling notifications or paying you, TrueMotion Family Safe Driving tells you how you drive. Specifically designed for families, it tracks location, speed, and phone usage while driving. These reports are graded on a scale of 0 to 100. The lower the score, the more indications of dangerous driving.

TrueMotion Family Safe Driving highlights times where distractions might have occurred. This includes opening apps or handling the phone. It also provides:

  • GPS tracking of teens and new drivers.
  • Score rankings for friendly competitions.
  • Real-time indications of aggressive driving, speeding, and more.

TrueMotion Family Safe Driving is free for both Android and iPhone devices. 

I’m Driving

For a more straightforward approach, I’m Driving updates your contact list and lets them know that you’re driving. While it doesn’t block notifications or pay you for safe driving, it will let your friends and family know that you shouldn’t be contacted. 

I’m Driving features:

  • A simple interface to reduce distractions.
  • Auto-updates to your contact list once you start driving.
  • Automatic notification if certain contacts weren’t updated.

Like the other apps, I’m Driving is free on both Android and iPhone stores. 

Embedded technology is leading the ever-growing shift in automotive safety. Indeed, from specialized apps with virtual assistant support to continuous advances in radar and AI, car safety is riding the same wave of innovation as embedded technology.