Renesas Electronics Announces First Embedded Flash MCU

February 28, 2019


Renesas Electronics Announces First Embedded Flash MCU

RH850/U2A MCU with virtualization enables the integration of multiple application software with different levels of functional safety in a single chip.

TOKYO, JAPAN. Renesas Electronics Corporation launched a microcontroller with embedded flash that combines a hardware-based virtualization-assisted function with the fast, real-time performance of the RH850 products. This technology can support up to ASIL D level of functional safety, providing greater levels of system integration. 

The 32-bit RH850/U2A MCU comes from Renesas’ RH850/Px Series for chassis control and RH850/Fx Series for body control to deliver improved performance. To support the ASIL D level required for chassis/safety applications, the hardware-based virtualization assist technology yields multiple software to be implemented with different functional safety levels on the RH850/U2A MCU and run concurrently without interference, while maintaining the real-time performance required to control the vehicles.

Key features of the new RH850/U2A MCU include:

  • fast real-time performance and hardware-based virtualization-assisted function to speed ECU integration in complex ASIL D compliant automotive-control systems
  • advanced, Secure OTA Updates with Large Flash Memory Capacities
  • expanded Network Connectivity for ADAS and Autonomous Driving Systems

"The evolution of new E/E Architecture is driving the trend toward single ECUs that support multiple ECU functions for high-performance devices that can operate across multiple application areas,” said Naoki Yoshida, Renesas’ Vice President,. “Starting with the RH850/U2A, Renesas' new series of cross-domain MCUs increases development efficiency and reduces development time to accelerate connected and autonomous vehicle development strategies, and we are excited to lead the charge with virtualization and ASIL D support.”

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