Product of the Week: Lattice Semiconductor’s Lattice Drive Solution Stack

July 31, 2023

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Product of the Week: Lattice Semiconductor’s Lattice Drive Solution Stack

Automotive system designs and applications rely on modular hardware and software solutions that can keep up with the high-processing, low-power demands of in-vehicle display connectivity and data processing, ADAS sensor bridging and processing, and zonal bridging applications, which enable bridging and processing throughout the vehicle.

Designed as a stackable solution for the aforementioned applications is Lattice Drive from Lattice Semiconductor. With a significant focus on embedded display and data processing, the Lattice Drive solution stack provides automotive customers, OEMs, and Tier1s with the Lattice Nexus hardware platforms, IP building blocks, Lattice Radiant and Lattice Propel Software Design tools, reference designs and demonstrations, and custom design services.

The Lattice Drive Solution Stack in Action

Starting at the bottom of the solution stack are hardware platforms consisting of a variety of development kits and boards for IP prototyping and running demonstrations of reference designs.

For example, the CertusPro-NX hardware is the basis of the Lattice Drive DisplayPort & Video Scaler Reference Design.

The IP cores are next which comprise the Lattice DisplayPort RX IP, Lattice Video Scaler IP, and the Lattice DisplayPort TX IP. With an original video stream of 720p with 60 frames per second (fps) sent to the Lattice DisplayPort RX IP, the Lattice Video Scaler IP improves the video signal to 1080p with 60 fps and sends it through the Lattice DisplayPort TX IP to a video sink.

The software tools are next in the stack. The Lattice Radiant Software provides an integrated design environment for design exploration and implementation, and the Lattice Propel Design Environment for building FPGA-based processor systems.

Second towards the top of the stack are the reference design and demonstrations for the aforementioned Lattice Drive DisplayPort & Video Scaler. The stack consists of the Embedded DisplayPort, Video Scaler, Local Dimming demo, and DisplayPort and Video Scaler demos.

Finally, at the top of the stack, are the custom design services provided by Lattice Semiconductor. For example, the Local Dimming with LED Driver service for driver, in-cabin, and vehicle monitoring for automotive bridging and networking.

Getting Started with the Lattice Drive Solution Stack

For more information about the Lattice Drive solution stack, Lattice Semiconductor provides a video on their YouTube with Mark Hoopes, Director of Industrial and Automotive Segments. Here, Hoopes breaks down the stackable solution even further and provides accompanying images for support.

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