Vector and Somit Solutions Cooperate to Improve the Journey from Engineering to Aftersales

June 22, 2021

Press Release

Vector and Somit Solutions Cooperate to Improve the Journey from Engineering to Aftersales

Stuttgart, GERMANY and Abingdon, UK, 2021-06-21 - Vector, leading manufacturer of software tools and components for the development of automotive electronic systems, is cooperating with Somit Solutions, experts in providing aftersales innovations.

The aim of the cooperation is to equip workshops with the information they need to support rapidly changing automotive technology.

Automotive trends and the influence of consumer technology are driving a revolution in vehicle design. As mechanical systems continue to lose prominence and electronics and software come to the fore, a parallel transformation in aftersales systems and services is required if standards of customer service are to be maintained. Radically different E/E architectures, new software features and the pace of change present a fresh set of challenges to technicians. In facing down these challenges it's critical that they are provided accurate and up-to-date systems and information that are quick and simple to use.

With the shift towards in-house software development, and an increasing use of data driven design tools, much of the information required by these aftersales exists today in engineering. Despite this, effective reuse of engineering data in aftersales systems remains limited. Standards have made some progress to improve this however, their effectiveness is limited by a lack of end-to-end process and tool support. With combined expertise spanning the engineering and aftersales lifecycle, Vector and Somit will overcome these limitations.

Working together with engineering and aftersales the companies will deliver insights, training, processes, and integrations that make cooperation and data sharing easier. This will bring benefits in terms of quality, efficiency, speed, and cost and make it possibly to continuously deliver engineering data directly into aftersales systems.

Vector and Somit Solutions welcome conversations with OEMs that would like to share their experience, challenges, and ambitions for the delivery of aftersales systems that keep pace with connected vehicles, equip workshops for new vehicle technology and create opportunities for further innovation.
To learn more and join the conversation, get in touch with your local representative or email us on [email protected].

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