New eSync Alliance SDK Streamlines Automotive OTA Updates

By Brandon Lewis


Embedded Computing Design

August 03, 2021


The eSync Alliance has released the eSync Agent SDK that streamlines integration of ECUs, sensors and other devices with the standardized eSync OTA platform. The downloadable software package is available to all eSync Alliance members.

The SDK consists of a template agent with libraries, eSync Client software for either a PC or Raspberry Pi device, and a license for up to five computers. A one-month trial of eSync Server is available that enables users to test the OTA update functionality of their systems.

“Implementing an OTA solution in the automotive arena can be extremely complicated, since there are a great variety of electronic devices on multiple networks inside the car,” says Mike Gardner, executive director of the eSync Alliance.”Integrating all of these devices and their software into a single data pipeline also requires extensive verification. The eSync platform provides the standardization required to make these tasks simpler, and comes with growing industry support from the eSync Alliance. "

For more information on the eSync Agent SDK, eSync OTA platform, or the Alliance in general, visit

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