CEVA Bluebud™ Platform Takes Center Stage for a Differentiated Wireless Audio Experience

By Taryn Engmark

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

January 04, 2022


CEVA Bluebud™ Platform Takes Center Stage for a Differentiated Wireless Audio Experience

CEVA, Inc. announced that it has enhanced the software offerings and tool kits for its Bluebud wireless audio platform with the addition of Bluebud-HD, a pre-configured software package that includes all the audio, voice, and context-aware software required in premium TWS earbuds, gaming headsets, hearables, wearables, and other smart audio products.

CES 2022, LAS VEGAS, NV — CEVA also announced that its SenslinQ software framework and the CEVA-BX1 DSP tool kit have been upgraded for the Bluebud platform to streamline the addition of third party DSP algorithms and the easy migration of existing software from other processor architectures.

Host CPU application developers benefit from the OpenAMP API for virtualized access to the feature sets enabled by Bluebud-HD and other audio, voice, and speech software available through the CEVAnet partner ecosystem. The SenslinQ framework enables Bluebud customers to consolidate all audio, voice, and IMU-based contextual awareness workloads onto the CEVA-BX1 DSP rather than embedding separate DSPs for wireless and audio and results in smaller die size and lower power consumption.

Research firm Yole Développement forecasts that shipments of TWS earbuds, hearing aids, smartwatches, and smart speakers will surpass 1.3 billion units annually by 2026, with premium audio becoming a must-have feature for many applications such as gaming, AR/VR experiences, and 3D sound.

The Bluebud wireless audio platform with the accompanying software package provides a cost and power efficient solution to semiconductors and OEMs to capitalize on the momentum of the premium audio market and overcome the complexity and knowhow required to combine wireless and audio. 

The Bluebud-HD software package uses the on-board CEVA-BX1 DSP to consolidate a wide range of optimized HD audio, voice, and context-aware modules that are otherwise processed on separate DSPs or MCUs in non-CEVA architectures. The Bluebud hardware platform has been upgraded to include CEVA’s latest SIG-qualified RivieraWaves Bluetooth 5.3 IP, with both Classic Audio and LE Audio, and the CEVA-BX1 audio processor, with all the required peripherals for wireless audio, in a compact, low-power design, with a footprint of less than 0.5mm2 in 22nm. 

Bluebud-HD also supports audio processing using 96KHz/24-bit precision, enabling many high-resolution audio standards. The fully integrated software package includes:

  • CEVA’s ClearVox™, enhanced to support up to 48KHz sampling rate, for super wideband voice conversations
  • VisiSonics RS3D™ software for an immersive 3D audio experience
  • CEVA’s MotionEngine™ Hear software for accurate head tracking, in-ear detection, and tap control
  • Personalized hearing tuning for adaptation to each listener’s hearing
  • LHDC high definition audio codec
  • CEVA’s SenslinQ DSP software framework for plug and play power efficient native DSP algorithms 
  • Bluebud-HD SDK 

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