Wincomm is Dropping on Computex 2023

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 30, 2023


Image Credit: Wincomm

Join Wincomm as it showcases its industrial and medical panel PCs at Computex. Visitors to Hall 1F, booth K1125a, will witness Wincomm demonstrate its market value within the industrial and medical fields as they exhibit solutions that include medical grade, food grade, full IP waterproof, and explosion proof grade ePlatforms.


Wincomm’s stainless steel medical panel PCs also include protection from dust accumulation, a operating temperature range of -20ᵒC to 60ᵒC, and are easily viewed when sunlight is a detrimental factor.

Series consists of:

WMP-22P/24P series

WMP-15J/19J series

WMP-24K series 

WMP-22T/24T-PIS series


Wincomm leverages Intel’s Celeron processors for its industrial solutions. The industrial platforms provided by Wincomm are ideal for environments requiring wireless remote device management systems. The following solutions will be demonstrated during Computex 2023:

WTP-8J66 series

WTP-9H66 series

WLP-7J20 series

WLP-7H20 series

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