ByteSnap Design for Convenience

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 14, 2024


ByteSnap Design for Convenience
Image Credit: ByteSnap Design

ByteSnap Design released its Automated Electronic Product Design Service offering hands-free design solutions aimed at accelerating product time to market. ByteSnap defines specification requirements, creates a product's path, establishes project timelines, and brings together development and testing activities, all while adjusting to ever changing requirements.

Dunstan Power, director at ByteSnap, said: “Our team of experienced engineers can pick up the project and meet your big-picture goals without the need for micromanagement. The main advantage of handing the design process over to ByteSnap is that even with limited engineer bandwidth your project can be completed on time and within budget, even if your own team becomes unavailable for any reason, with minimal input from you. This saves busy electronics manufacturers valuable time to spend on other projects and to focus on priority tasks within the business.”

According to the company, at the recent Southern Manufacturing and Electrics exhibition, ByteSnap showcased an electronic wireless lockset with real-time monitoring with integrated electronics and software for a wireless lock controller into an existing product. ByteSnap’s engineering teams designed all the electronics and all the software for the new upgrade, including:

  • Electronic Design: all new electronics developed for the lock controller, card reader and base station
  • Software Development: Wi-Fi and Zigbee communications, integration to third party security systems

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