NexAIoT APPC 1x60-A11 Fanless Panel PC Suits Industrial Applications

September 27, 2023

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NexAIoT APPC 1x60-A11 Fanless Panel PC Suits Industrial Applications

The heart of any industrial platform is what drives the end application. Without a strong heart, performance will suffer.

To ensure an application’s success, developers should begin with a fanless computer like the NexAIoT APPC 1x60-A11, designed around an Intel N97 (Alder Lake-N97) quad-core microprocessor.

The APPC 1x60-A11 LED panel PC is specified to IP65 for its front panel. CE approvals include EN61000-6-2 and EN61000-6-4. High levels of shock and vibration are not a problem for the computer. And it’s the low power consumption of the CPU that permits the fanless design and relatively small enclosure.

Four different panel sizes are available: 12, 15, 17, and 19 in., all driven by a five-wire resistive touch screen. Resolutions range from 1024 by 768 to 1280 by 1024. Such durability and protection combine with this high level of performance to drive an array of applications, including warehouse and fleet management, environmental monitoring for agricultural systems, intelligent factories, and smart buildings.


Up to 16 Gbytes of DDR5 memory can be accommodated, operating at 4800 Mtransfers/s. I/O is handled through myriad interfaces and ports: dual RS-232/422/485 ports (with optional isolation), one mini-PCIe slot (specially geared for the automation market), multiple USB 2.0/3.0 interfaces, dual 2.5G Ethernet LAN ports, and an M.2 SATA connection. The system offers a 24-VDC input (with a three-pin terminal block connector) that supports the AT/ATX power modes.

Operating as a central gateway, the panel PC can perform advanced graphics HMIs, environmental monitoring, and digital signage. Building management is also possible thanks to the panel’s advanced HMI features.

The APPC 1x60-A11 was designed with an easy upgrade path from previous generation panel PCs. Software support is provided through the company’s Xcare 3.0 remote management tool, which simplifies the development process for system integrators through its API support. Xcare 3.0 provides a unified platform to remotely monitor and control up to 36 embedded computers and also facilitates predictive maintenance.

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