DFI has a Plan for "Make in India"

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

August 23, 2023


Image Credit: DFI

DFI has been developing an expansive plan for the Southeast Asian region, centering on India, that in which has been enjoying a rising economy. The company signed a tactical collaboration with six local suppliers. The cooperation’s goals are to expand "brand awareness" and "market share" of industrial automation, networking, defense, transportation, and smart cities.

According to DFI President Alexander Su, “India has become a fiercely contested territory for industries worldwide, particularly with the government’s focus on the "Make in India" policy. This has attracted numerous manufacturers to set up production facilities and encouraged local industries to initiate automation and smart transformation.”

6 Partners:

  • Dynalog
  • Technics
  • Alltronix
  • Avihs
  • Netport
  • LUBI Electronics

“DFI offers a diverse product line, including industrial-grade motherboards, embedded computer modules, and system solutions, providing the essential computing power needed for industrial transformation and miniaturization solutions that reduce carbon emissions. By integrating distribution channels, DFI aims to be the best local ally in India's industrial transformation,” ended Su.

For more information, visit dfi.com.

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