Embedded Insiders Podcast: Can Open-Source Security Save Our Side Channels?

November 11, 2021

Embedded Insiders Podcast: Can Open-Source Security Save Our Side Channels?

On this episode of the Embedded Insiders, Brandon and Rich discuss recent findings that show 96% of manufacturing and automation companies who responded successfully to the COVID-19 pandemic had Industry 4.0 technology in place. But how? 

Then, Colin O’Flynn, CTO of open-source security tooling company NewAE Technology joins to explain the growing risk of side channel attacks to IoT devices. But the side channels themselves may not be the biggest challenge. It might be convincing engineers that they should care, then teaching them how to look for not-so-obvious vulnerabilities.

Finally, Assistant Editor Taryn Engmark wanders into the abstract world of 6G edge networking where wireless connectivity technologies abound. How will we support all of the different options on a unified infrastructure? ETSI is working on a solution – Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces.



You can access the McKinsey & Company Report, “COVID-19: An inflection point for Industry 4.0” online at https://bit.ly/Industry40_COVID19.

For more on ChipWhisperer and low-leverage ways of securing your IoT and embedded devices, visit newae.com.

[Editor’s Note: ETSI members and non-ETSI members interested in learning more about reconfigurable intelligent surfaces and ways to participate can visit the ISG webpage at https://portal.etsi.org/TB-SiteMap/RIS/List-of-ISG-RIS-Members-and-Participants]

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