Grab a Notecard and Go Mobile with Blues

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

September 21, 2023


Grab a Notecard and Go Mobile with Blues
Image Credit: Blues

Manchester, Massachusetts. Blues released a new family of its widely used Notecard solution. The series consists of the Notecard Cell+WiFi, Notecard WiFi, Notecard LoRa, and Notecard Chips Editions. The Notecard devices deliver hybrid networking, position accuracy, and development to scale.   

“Blues understands that multiple connectivity options are necessary to empower businesses to transform physical products into data-driven intelligent services. With the expansion of our Notecard offerings, companies now have the flexibility to optimize their connection method for sending and receiving information between devices anywhere, at any time,” said Jim Hassman, Blues’ President and Chief Revenue Officer.

The Notecards are mobile ready and field updateable aiding, even the non-technical savvy person, in the ability to change amongst various radio access technologies like 2G up to 5G. Made for a seamless integration with Notehub, Blues’ software service, the Notecards are designed for secure transmission of data to a user’s choice of cloud applications.

Notecard Cell+WiFi 

  • Incorporates both cellular and WiFi
  • Expanded international and domestic coverage

Notecard WiFi 

  • Connect localized clusters of indoor devices securely to the cloud

Notecard LoRa

  • Connecting potentially large clusters of outdoor devices to the cloud

Notecard WiFi and LoRa Chips Editions –

  • Economically scale solutions without compromising security or to modify firmware designed for the system-on-a-module (SOM) Notecard versions

“After years of connectivity struggles, we found Blues and adopted the Notecard/Notehub solution. The Blues cellular solution solved connectivity, security, and scalability issues,” said True Manufacturing Company. “Now, with this announcement of the expanded family of Notecards, Blues has really listened to customers and delivered a solution that leads industry trends. This is the kind of innovative partnership that allows OEMs to succeed in the IoT space.”

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