Wibu-Systems Supports ISVs with Free Cloud-Based License Containers for Home Workers

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

April 09, 2020


Wibu-Systems Supports ISVs with Free Cloud-Based License Containers for Home Workers

Wibu-Systems is providing ISVs with cloud-based license containers for home office workers worldwide free of charge during the second quarter 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to initiate home office work for most of their employees.

Wibu-Systems is delivering a key element in the process, a free license container that lives in the cloud and can hold multiple licenses for all home office workers, the CodeMeter Cloud

This new solution is comprised of a few elements, including: 

  • CodeMeter License Central, the cloud-based system for creating, delivering, and managing licenses; 
  • CmCloudContainers, the secure license containers holding the license;
  • CodeMeter Cloud Server, the cloud-based architecture for high availability of the licenses.

This CmCloudContainer can be used for multiple licenses by home office workers. All those who intend to take advantage of this offer just need to have a copy of CodeMeter Runtime 7.0 or newer and a Firm Security Box for Universal Firm Codes. On the home office worker's side, Internet connectivity is a must. The entire setup will be taken care of by Wibu-Systems' team. 

This CmCloudContainer is part of the latest evolution of CodeMeter, the technology that safeguards the intellectual property inherent in digital assets and monetizes the technical know-how via an abundance of license models.

CmCloud uses certificate chains to establish trust in the cloud licensing process and the cloud storage environment. CmCloud holds the licenses in a secure web environment, accessible only to those who specifically need it, and manageable only by those authorized to do so.

According to the company, Wibu-Systems is ready to deliver worldwide one free CmCloudContainer to every existing customer and new prospect for the entire second quarter of this year. 

Interested parties can enroll online at www.wibu.com/coronavirus.

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