Mouser New Product of the Week: Advantech’s AIW-166K Series Wireless Communication Kits

February 13, 2023

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Mouser New Product of the Week: Advantech’s AIW-166K Series Wireless Communication Kits

Edge networking solutions that reside in industrial environments regularly coincide with harsh temperatures, shock, vibration, and other tough environmental constraints. Additionally, because the operations within these spaces are often safety-critical, these solutions must deliver accurate, high-speed communication at a low power consumption to provide the most advanced and reliable performance possible.

Designed with these key features in mind, Advantech’s Industrial Wireless (AIW) - 166K Series of Wireless Communication Kits provide designers with wireless connectivity tools for industrial automation applications. The series is composed of four solutions: the AIW-166K1, AIW-166K2, AIW-166K3, and AIW-166K4.

The AIW-166K1 and AIW-166K3 both feature Intel®’s Wireless 6E AX210 No vPro, while the AIW-166K2 and AIW-166K4 feature the same wireless 6E AX210 but with the vPro enterprise feature for additional hardware-based security and management features. All four solutions, whether vPro or No vPro, feature the Bluetooth 5.2 M.2 2230 A-E Key module with two cables, two antennas, antenna wire, and mounting hardware for installation, with the antenna providing approved RF certification.

The AIW-166K Series Wireless Communication Kits in Action

The AIW-166K Series is capable of transmitting and receiving data using 2.4, 5, and 6 GHz bands of dual-stream Wi-Fi, ideal for accelerating edge networking applications. Interfacing for Wi-Fi can be accessed via PCIe, and Bluetooth via USB. The Wi-Fi 6 technology on the AIW-166K series also enhances the status of MIMO and OFDMA from single- to multi-user in wave 1 and 2.

The addition of Wi-Fi 6E over the previous Wi-Fi 5 enables higher bandwidth and data rates, from 433 to 600 Mbits/s under the 80 MHz spec, and 6933 to 9607 Mbits/s in the 160 MHz range. The 1024QAM and 160 MHz channels provide a sufficient data rate increase for access points and devices with the IEEE 802.11ax WLAN standard, as the AIW-166K series adheres to the IEEE 802.11a, b, d, e, g, h, i, k, n, r, u, v, w, ac, and ax.

Sized at 22 x 30 x 2.4 mm, the AIW-166K series supports Windows 10, Linux, and Chrome OS, as well as an operating temperature of 0ºC ~ 70°C for the AIW-166K1 and AIW-166K2, and -40ºC ~ 85°C for the AIW-166K3 and AIW-166K4.

Getting Started with the AIW-166K Series Wireless Communication Kits

The contents of the AIW-166K Series Wireless Communication Kits include the following:

  • 1x Intel® Wireless 6E AX210 802.11ax (no vPro)+ BT 5.2 M.2 2230 module (AIW-166K1)
  • Intel® Wireless 6E AX210 802.11ax (vPro)+ BT 5.2 M.2 2230 module (AIW-166K2)
  • 2x Wi-Fi coaxial cables, SMA (M) to MHF4, 30 cm
  • 2x 2.4 GHz + 5 GHz + 6 GHz Dipole antennas
  • 2x screws M2.5*4L F/S D=4.5 H=0.8 + ST Ni Nk

For more information about how the AIW-166K series can be leveraged within an industrial automation environment, check out the video below.

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