HERE Locates POIs to Expand User Experience

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

January 18, 2023


Image Provided by HERE

Las Vegas. While demonstrating at CES 2023, HERE Technologies showcased its HERE platform, a fully capable solution that adapts search outcomes by using the data of customized points of interest (POIs). The HERE platform is controlled by HERE Workspace and HERE Search designing maps and search functions with information tailored outcomes.

“Companies today need more than a one-size-fits-all location search solution,” said Fred Gerritse, Vice President of Location Services at HERE. “With this new capability, companies can add their own data to customize search outcomes, creating more efficient results that meet their customers’ demands. It is an important milestone as we continue to build out our maps and services customization portfolio to enable companies to build private location experiences that help them win in the market.”

There are upwards of 140 million points of interest (POIs) located on the HERE map. Currently, an automotive OEM and a web mapping provider are testing to verify it creates business value, ability to differentiate a brand, and supply new avenues of revenue.

The automotive company will work on testing the accountability of the POIs that allow locations on the map of the OEM’s charging stations. Customers are enabled to search their route for the specified recharging stations for their vehicle. With regular updates enroute, drivers will know ahead of time which stations are open, making an improved user experience.

On the other hand, a consumer mapping company is piloting testing of managing advertiser-specific POI information improving on end results. Consumers using a search for personalized items, would receive more accurate data about the advertiser. This also will add profit to the books.

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