Rugged Edge Computing is Going Mainstream. Get Ready!

Achieving real-time decision making and predictive analytics is an increasingly strategic goal among industrial operations – an imperative fueled by rapid digital transformation and a growing appetite for automation upgrades across the broad spectrum of commercial and manufacturing applications. Rugged edge computing plays a critical role in this landscape, accelerating data processing based on a variety of sensor input data and enabling access and analytics close to the data source.

Premio's Rugged Edge E-Book & Survival GuidePremio recognizes the need to support software advancements with hardware strategies, providing the rugged, high-performance systems that enable reliable deployment in the most severe physical settings. From external enclosure to internal components, every element of a rugged edge computer is purpose-built through a combination of mechanical and thermal engineering to address environmental issues such as strong vibration, severe temperatures, and the presence of moisture or dirt. These industrial-grade computers are also validated to execute functions with extreme processing power and storage capacity, built to eliminate downtime and ensure stable 24/7 operation.

This eBook will highlight how edge computing is moving technology and processing close to where data is generated from IoT sensors – and how rugged edge computing is advancing this strategy into more challenging physical surroundings with dedicated hardware technologies and strategies.

What you will learn from this eBook: 

  • Why enabling data value creates greater levels of automation that tap into smart hardware strategies.
  • Data access and analytics power more competitive performance at the rugged edge.
  • Why the Convergence Of The Most Transformative Technologies. In Compute, Storage, Security, Wireless Connectivity, and Proven Ruggedization helps streamline decentralized computing.
  • How Rugged Edge Computing is Driving Actionable Insights For Machine Intelligence For Real-Time Results. 
  • Why New Intelligent Edge Workloads Are Forcing Engineers To Design Solutions Outside Standard Comfort Zones.