TDK introduces InvenSense Product Longevity Program

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 01, 2022


TDK introduces InvenSense Product Longevity Program
Image Provided by TDK

  • InvenSense’s Product Longevity Program applies to MEMS sensors for both automotive and industrial applications
  • Products in the Product Longevity Program have higher accuracy and stability, performance resiliency, and a long-term supply

​​​​​TDK Corporation announced the InvenSense Product Longevity Program (PLP), committing long term availability of high-performance sensors for both automotive and industrial applications.

This PLP applies to all SmartIndustrial components and all newly introduced SmartAutomotive components. Targeting industries with long design cycles and operational life, it guarantees OEMs sustainable long-term manufacturing of their products.

The PLP will:

  • Ensure customers have access to products with an extended lifetime
  • Make products available for a minimum of 10 years from product launch
  • Strengthen TDK commitment to the environment and sustainability

According to the press release, at the end of its longevity program, each part number is subject to standard end-of-life notification policies in case of termination. In limited cases, for example, in the event of a large volume decrease, technology, or manufacturing change, a PLP product may be replaced by a compatible product.

The longevity program is now effective. 

“In a semiconductor market in which supply and availability is a key factor of success, InvenSense further increases its commitment to deliver long-term quality to both automotive and industrial applications," said Alberto Marinoni, Director of Marketing and Automotive business at InvenSense. "Thanks to its new PLP program, InvenSense strengthens its collaboration with the most relevant automotive Tier1 customers by supporting their long-lasting solutions."

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