Super ODM and customize service in TAICENN Technology

June 12, 2017

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Super ODM and customize service in TAICENN Technology

TAICENN owns a very skilled and experienced team for ODM and customize service, we always provide a perfect solution with rapid response time for customers' real application. We always believe:...



Super ODM and customize service in TAICENN Technology

June 12, 2017 by Admin


(Sector 1: To customize a touch panel pc for real applications)

General speaking, industrial panel pc has the same hardware architecture as consumer tablet PC. However, industrial panel pc always has a wider usage application, because of its industrial and special features. Precisely speaking, industrial sector market is more concentrating on reliability, dust-proof, water-proof, humidity, temperature in different conditions, long-term reliability. Industrial pc requests to work smoothly under factory, warehouse, production line, and other harsh environmental conditions, to improve the work efficiency for all kinds of industry and automation.

Industry automation now is very hot to use an industrial level PC system. Workers can embed, mount or put the PC system into their operating floor. Industrial panel PC can be used as a HMI system, better for worker to operate, improve work efficiency and finish work efficiently. Meanwhile, the industrial PC system and HMI system using in power, telecom, transportation, logistic, defense, multi-media, manufacturing industry, automation are more and more popular now.

With the bigger and bigger requests on industrial panel PC from all industry market, there are more and more industrial panel pc products and providers now for customers. How to ODM and customize a suitable industrial panel pc for real application is getting more and more difficult now for customers. To a solution provider, ODM and customization service have two important factors: technology ability and service ability. Technology ability refers to a most suitable & economic solution and product from manufacturer. At the same time, there probably be some potential technology problem during ODM and customizing a solution. Then the service ability request manufacturer to test & solve the problem quickly. The service ability refers to quick design, sample process, sample qualification issues.

To industrial applications, how to select a suitable & economic touch panel pc system should think and discuss totally from physical features, display features, processing performance and service abilities.

I- Display, backlit selection

Brightness: 250~300 cd/m2 is enough for indoor environment; But it perhaps requests 500~1000 cd/m2 for an outdoor environment application;

Color: The current LCD technology always use LED backlit to fulfill better color display;

Backlit MTBF: Industrial applications have MTBF requests in different environment and long-term using, usually the backlit MTBF can up to 30 000~50 000 hours now.

II- Stable performance, good expansion

Industrial panel PC compose a PC + display construction. It requests high stability performance. Industrial pc always has tight construction design, scientific and professional cooling design. It concentrates on CPU technology, to provide a better using experience on CPU processing and GPU performance, lower power consumption.

Besides, necessary expansion is important to a ODM and customize product. We also need to consider the future potential requirements, based on the current I/O and expansion requirements.

III- Rugged and stable for harsh environment

Lots of industrial panel pc are used in harsh environmental operating conditions, so it requests good functions, water-proof, dust-proof, shock-proof, IP65 (Or higher) rating front panel. Besides, it need to discuss and consider the electromagnetic interference and power and consumption issues.

IV- Requests on construction and panel

To some applications, to improve the work efficiency is the main reason to use an industrial panel pc. So, it will have some requirements on Box construction and panel mounting. To customize a solution and product must think and consider these requests sincerely, and support customers with an ideal product for their real demands.

V- Solution service

To provide a best solution, high-quality design and development, produce stable sample, upgrade during sample process rapidly is very important. General speaking, the first sample mainly test functional, and it always need to improve in some small detail. So, it will request manufacturer upgrade and improve the sample quickly, due to the user comments. If some problem occurs during sample qualification. To provide a solution is simply, but to provide a perfect solution is not always simply. Once the solution occurs some problem which can’t be fixed because of lots of reason, then to change a solution will be unavoidable. To alternative a new solution means a new start for this project, and it is time and efforts consuming, resulting in big influence in customer’s projects and efficiency.

TAICENN Core advantage:

TAICENN owns a very skilled and experienced team for ODM and customize service, we always provide a perfect solution with rapid response time for customers’ real application. We always believe: Good reputation comes from good attitude and small detail in our ODM & OEM customize service.

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