SEGGER Releases New Open Flashloader for RISC-V

By Perry Cohen

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

January 29, 2021


(Image Courtesy of SEGGER)

SEGGER announced the release of a new Open Flashloader for RISC-V specific systems.

As the name implies, the Flashloader allows engineers to write flash loaders that fit into 2kB of RAM.

The technology enables the company’s J-Link debug probes to download directly into the flash memory of a RISC-V Microcontroller or SoC. It also allows for mass production programming.

The new flash loaders operate with any software that supports J-Link, such as the J-Link Commander, Ozone, J-flash, and more.

Per a company press release, when debugging with the J-Link Plus, Ultra+ or PRO models, an unlimited number of breakpoints in flash memory are available.

Furthermore, any qualified engineer can write a flash loader for J-Link and RISC-V, usually within a day or two. Proven flash loaders can be added to the J-Link software, so that they will simply work out of the box.

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