Spirent's 800G Ethernet Ecosystem Completes Interoperability Validation with Intel Silicon Photonics Project

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 17, 2021


Spirent's 800G Ethernet Ecosystem Completes Interoperability Validation with Intel Silicon Photonics Project

Spirent Communications plc announced that Intel Silicon Photonics has completed the successful interoperability validation of its 800G Ethernet optical transceiver using the Spirent 800G Solution.

This validation highlights collaboration using Spirent’s 800G Ethernet optical transceiver to emulate real-world networks and user activity that facilitate the market-readiness of 800G products across the entire ecosystem.  

The 800G interconnect demonstration was validated with interoperability extending beyond the optical transceiver to include Ethernet switches in 8x100G mode using four 800G modules, exercising 32 x 100G lanes. The demonstration sent traffic from Spirent 800G modules breaking out to 400G ports in two 12.8 Tbps Ethernet switches.

Spirent offers 800G validation solutions for the entire ecosystem, offering interconnect, network equipment manufacturers (NEMs), and hyperscalers options to help implement their 800G solutions. The company helps qualify customers’ equipment so they can determine which supplier will work best with their equipment. For partners, Spirent provides a neutral test solution to validate their vendors.

According to the company, while 400G technology is still relatively new, customers are already ready for new 800G test solutions to validate high-density, higher power consuming applications, as the ecosystem looks to deliver suitable capabilities that can maximize capacity of existing space-limited physical locations.

For more information, visit: www.spirent.com/HSE


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