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The Road to the RISC-V Summit: Microchip - Story

October 30, 2023

Microchip is packing up in Chandler, Arizona and will start its trip to the RISC-V Summit in Santa Clara, California, November 7th and 8th, 2023, and November 6 being Member Day. Microchip will be demonstrating its market leading FPGA solutions for the intelligent edge and how it leverages the RISC-V ISA to design heterogenous processing architectures for non-proprietary instruction set architectures.


Tenstorrent and Arteris Release AI Computing RISC-V Chiplets - News

May 10, 2023

Arteris, Inc. announced Tenstorrent is leveraging its Ncore and FlexNoC interconnect IP for its AI chiplet systems. The results is a flexible network-on-chip (NoC) interconnect for next generation AI solutions. The combination of Tenstorrent’s AI chiplet’s and RISC-V's openness are tailored specifically to users’ requirements.

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ImperasDV Verification Solutions Certified with Synopsys Functional Simulation and Debug Tools for RISC-V - News

April 10, 2023

Imperas Software Ltd and Synopsys, Inc. announced a collaboration to accelerate verification of RISC-V processors utilizing ImperasDV verification platforms, and Synopsys' VCS simulation and Verdi debug tools. The partnership will ease time constraints by streamlining RISC-V verification tasks applying to components supplied by both partners.

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Ashling’s RiscFree C/C++ SDK Supports Imagination's RISC-V-Based Catapult - News

March 22, 2023

Nuremberg, Germany. Announced during embedded world 2023, Ashling’s RiscFree SDK will deliver software development support for Imagination’s Catapult RISC-V-based IP cores.  The collaboration between the two companies produced the RTXM-2200 which is the first industrial licensable CPU IP from the RISC-V Catapult family. Highlights include a real-time, scalable, 32-bit integrated design with Imagination’s expertise in CPU development.

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StarFive is Trekking toward the Expansion of the RISC-V Environment - News

December 15, 2022

RISC-V Summit, San Jose. during the RISC-V Summit 2022, StarFive Technology’s Director of Software Engineering, Chin Liang, presented on StarFice's work toward developing the next generation of the RISC-V ecosystem. In Liang’s lecture, you will learn in-depth knowledge of RISC-V architecture, tools, and Linux distribution. See how you can use the knowedge gained for solutions in your designs.

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Ventana's Veyron V1 is a RISC-V Powerhouse - News

December 15, 2022

RISC-V Summit, San Jose. Ventana Micro Systems Inc.’s founder and CEO Balaji Baktha will present Ventana’s Veyron family at his RISC-V Summit keynote address. The standards based Veyron V1 is a RISC-V processor that will come in chiplets and IP assisting in single thread performance targeting solutions for data centers, automotive, 5G, AI, and client applications.

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IAR Systems Leverages Gaisler's NOEL-V for IAR Embedded Workbench and Opens Doors into Space - News

December 15, 2022

Uppsala and Gothenburg, Sweden. IAR Systems and Gaisler are partnering on an IAR Embedded Workbench for RISC-V (IAR I-jet), a comprehensive development toolchain assisting engineers with an abundance of resources tied into one simplistic development platform. The workbench includes many debugging and assessment protocols for code and data breakpoints, as well as runtime stack analysis, call stack visualization, and code coverage analysis. The IAR I-jet is an economical debug interface with the Noel-V processor from Gaisler.