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Comfort, body, and lighting substantially influence consumer satisfaction, but there are intense competitive cost pressures in play. More than most other in-car technologies, products within these domains cover a broad spectrum of technologies and performance levels.

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ECU development time and cost

ATEK Access Technologies announce the launch of the Datakey CryptoAuthentication memory token line. The line was designed for use in secure portable memory devices in authentication applications.
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RT-Thread has achieved PSA security certification and PSA functional API certification in a collaborative effort with NXP and ARM. RT-Thread is a developer of operating systems and software platforms.
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This new chip allows engineers to extend MIPI CSI-2 transmission to greater than 15 meters with a 2.1mm x 2.9mm package.
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Reliability is a subjective feature of a product. And we?ve come to accept certain levels for products that are frankly, below what they should be. One example is waterproofing. The technology is available today to protect our products, but for various reasons, we give in to sub-par products. In this week?s week?s Embedded Executives podcast, I discuss this topic with Stephen Gold, the Chief Commercial Officer for HZO.

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