Thursday 11/19


If you sit down and make a list of promising technologies, the two names that would most likely top it are Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. Although both the technologies are powerful individually, AI as a source of intelligence, and IoT being the only technology making inter-device connections possible - their convergence becomes a catalyst of smart connections.

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Approov announced a partnership with BMW Group to provide a secure, safe, and seamless car-sharing experience. Per the companies, the BMW Group Car Sharing Platform, including the Approov SDK, has already been deployed in several thousand vehicles globally.
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e-peas announced its AEM10941 power management IC (PMIC) has been designed into battery-less monitoring hardware from Xeelas.
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Built on the 7nm process technology, ?Zen 2? cores, and AMD Radeon graphics, the AMD Ryzen Embedded V2000 Series is designed to provide performance with 7nm technology, ideal power efficiency, and security features for embedded customers.
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According to analysts, IP theft costs industry a staggering $500 to $600 billion per year. With more than half a trillion dollars at stake, you?d think that IP protection would be top of mind for many electronic device manufacturers.
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The promise of a fully autonomous tomorrow no longer seems like a pipe dream. Today, the questions around autonomy center on the underlying technologies and the advancements needed to make autonomy a reality. Light detection and ranging (LIDAR) has become one of the most discussed technologies supporting the shift to autonomous applications, but many questions remain.

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