Infineon and Imagimob Ease ML Deployments

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

September 12, 2023


Infineon and Imagimob Ease ML Deployments
Image Credit: Imagimob

A purchase from earlier this year seeing Imagimob being obtained from Infineon has now started to see fruition. Infineon’s ModusToolbox Software is being integrated with Imagimob’s ML development system. The solution is a reliable cost-efficient way to develop AI-based machine learning models for in-house IP design.

Since the acquirement, Imagimob updated its edge machine learning solution, Imagimob AI, by leveraging Infineon technology. Imagimob AI delivers a complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE) supporting Infineon products. A ratification to Imagimob’s software advanced the UX so that the platform responds in real-time with increased data rendering speeds of 10x over previous versions.

Also included is a retooled AutoML function enabling the design of advanced model architectures with an efficient means to select the best model.


  • Improved data collection
  • Starter projects to make it easier to launch a new project
  • Easier deployment of models to Infineon hardware

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