Sama Powering GenAI Globally

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

October 09, 2023


Sama Powering GenAI Globally
Image Credit: Sama

San Franciso, California. Sama has introduced the Sama GenAI, a solution that is currently being used to facilitate Generative AI (GenAI) and foundation models globally. The new Sama GenAI utilizes SamaIQ and its proprietary algorithms in combination with Sama engineers to deliver customers continuous insights for quick delivery of high performing models.

“GenAI is extremely confident in what it is creating — even when it shouldn’t be. Model hallucination, where it creates text or images that don’t make sense or are simply factually incorrect, is a real and documented problem across all GenAI models,” said Duncan Curtis, SVP of Product at Sama.

The solution sees foundational models beginning to learn immediately starting from proof-of-concept and training to post-deployment. It can detect biases in initial datasets and how they are built by various data. For a streamline integration, SamaIQ can identify and prioritize specific workloads that will have the greatest impact on the environment.

“Sama’s approach, using both technological and human insights, allows us to identify when models are too confident, then provide additional training data to adjust that confidence level accordingly and ultimately help them perform better. We are proud to be supporting this quickly-growing, innovative field of AI now and in the future,” ends Curtis 

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