AI and ML Automate Visual Quality Inspection

September 11, 2020


AI and ML Automate Visual Quality Inspection

Can a recipe-like approach make it easier to develop industrial AI-enabled applications? When it comes to smart factory visual quality inspection applications, the answer is -- definitely. Read how.

By bringing together IT and OT hardware, software that integrates the two, and pre-built algorithms, developers building IIoT solutions for industrial quality control can customize inspection applications. Using available tools, new solutions include IoT Core for data ingestion, AutoML for machine learning, web servers for storage, and other services.

In this article, IIoT developers will learn:

  • How machine learning algorithms can be applied to production line sensors for quality control
  • About the impact that visual quality inspection can have on high-throughput processes
  • Which improvements in maintenance and deliveries can be identified by applying new data streams

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