COMPUTEX 2024 Keynote Addresses Put AI Front and Center

By Rich Nass

Executive Vice President

Embedded Computing Design

June 12, 2024


COMPUTEX 2024 Keynote Addresses Put AI Front and Center

COMPUTEX stands tall as a place for our industry heavyweights to puff out their chests and talk about their company’s latest and greatest technologies. The Keynote Addresses at this year’s event, held last week in Taipei, Taiwan, lived up to that billing

For the most part, the talks covered AI, AI, and AI, with industry heavyweights like NVIDIA, AMD, Intel, Qualcomm, NXP, MediaTek, Supermicro, and Delta taking center stage.

NVIDIA, synonymous with AI and graphics processing, went up first, with CEO Jensen Huang revealing its newest AI architecture, a next-gen GPU. From data centers to autonomous vehicles, NVIDIA's innovation was on full display, raising the bar for the competition.

AMD followed with a dynamic presentation of its own, as CEO Lisa Su unveiled new CPU and GPU architectures, each embedded with AI accelerators. The focus was clear: challenge NVIDIA's dominance with superior performance and efficiency. AMD's strategic pivot towards AI-driven solutions made it clear where it believes the future lies.

Intel, viewed for decades as the leader in microprocessors, didn't disappoint. CEO Pat Gelsinger’s keynote was a vision of “AI everywhere.” The company’s advanced AI chips, aimed at everything from Edge devices to cloud infrastructure, highlighted its ambition. Strategic partnerships were highlighted, including a partnership with Microsoft, to show the company’s deep investments in AI R&D.

NXP, carving out a nice niche in the automotive and industrial spaces, brought a unique edge to the discussion. Its keynote spotlighted Edge AI and IoT, with new AI-enabled processors designed for smart devices and autonomous systems. NXP’s approach promised to transform sectors like smart manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation.

By the time the Keynotes were complete, there was no question where the embedded industry was headed and the potential that AI brings. Whether through cutting-edge GPU architectures, integrated AI accelerators, or Edge computing solutions, the commitment to pushing AI's boundaries was profound.

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