By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 18, 2023


Image Credit: GIGABYTE

Taipei, Taiwan. GIGABYTE will be showcasing its theme, “Future of COMPUTING” at COMPUTEX 2023 with displays highlighting its leading-edge AI solutions and computers.

Highlights of GIGABYTE’s booth will be:

  • Industry-leading AI/HPC servers
  • Green computing solutions
  • Gaming and creator products
  • Industrial PC
  • AI smart securities
  • Autonomous vehicle technology

GIGABYTE has also planned a four-day Tech Talk with experts from AMD, Ampere, Intel, and NVIDIA sharing their look into the future of computing and how society will evolve with it.  

GPU-Accelerated Servers and HPC Servers

GIGABYTES’s GPU/HPC server solutions leverage advanced CPU platforms, GPU accelerator cards, AI deep learning, and inference technologies, achieving high output performance with efficient energy consumption.

These solutions are ideal for accelerating exascale data analysis, deep learning, machine learning, inferencing, large language models (LLM), and generative AI training tasks.

GIGABYTE’s Immersion Cooling Solutions

GIGABYTE will have three models of immersion cooling tanks and corresponding server series on display while demonstrating environmentally friendly solutions. The platform includes the immersion cooling tanks, server configuration designs, automatic monitoring, and adjustment mechanisms.

GIGABYTE's immersion cooling solutions have been embraced by leading semiconductor designers, telecommunication services, and European top research centers.

The Comprehensive computer portfolio will include motherboards, graphics cards, and laptops including the 2023 Red Dot Design Award-winning AORUS and AERO.

For more inforamtion, visit COMPUTEX event page.


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