Innodisk Introducing Transformative AIoT-Solutions at Computex 2019

May 22, 2019

Press Release

Innodisk Introducing Transformative AIoT-Solutions at Computex 2019

Using Sophisticated Demos, Innodisk is Demonstrating How Memory and Storage can power Smart Surveillance, Smart Transportation, Smart Factory and Smart Medical Applications.

Taipei.  AI is the future of IoT. To highlight the possibilities these bring, Innodisk is showcasing four of the main AIoT markets at Computex 2019. 

Facial Recognition and AI-powered Transportation

The first thing to greet visitors at the booth is a facial recognition entrance. This setup shows how entering and exiting the office can be done in a secure and unobtrusive manner. Moving on, we enter the transportation area where a real-time fleet management system is run through Innodisk's cloud management platform iCAP™.

Additionally, a miniature scale intersection will showcase how vehicles can be tracked through an intersection to help analyze and streamline traffic flow.

Smarter Quality Control and Medical Innovation

The next section is the Smart Factory, which shows how AI and machine vision can detect discrepancies in fabrics faster and more keenly than any human operator.

And lastly, we arrive at the Innodisk Smart Medical segment where a customized iCAP platform demonstrates how a nursing station can integrate all connected devices under one umbrella for easy management.

Latest Innovations

Fire is no issue for data retention with the new Fire Shield SSD. Successfully tested to withstand 800°C for 30 minutes, the Fire Shield SSD can save your data if disaster strikes. For the DRAM side, the 32GB modules are ready to bring high capacity to the IoT market. Combining this with wide temperature, Anti-Sulfuration and ECC functionalities gives you the optimal industrial-grade DRAM solution. For expansion cards, the new M.2 Graphics Card can deliver both 4K UHD and FHD. With a DDR3 IC on board, this miniature graphics card is tailor-made for space-constrained IoT applications. Visit us at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1, Booth K0806, 2019/05/28 - 2019/06/01.