A Head Start on the Analog Age for Digital Designers

February 17, 2022

A Head Start on the Analog Age for Digital Designers

The NVIDIA/Arm transaction may have fallen through, but that isn’t the only momentous merger and acquisition that’s been on the table in the embedded technology space.

Xilinx is now officially part of AMD, and Wind River has been purchased by Aptiv from venture capital firm TPG. Will these deals turn out better than some of their predecessors? Only time will tell, but the Insiders’ have some predictions.

After, Mike Henry, founder and CEO of Mythic AI, joins Brandon and Rich to discuss the new dawn of analog computing. From searching for any government funding they could to destroying the competition in executing the original AlexNet imaging convolutional neural network (CNN), Mike explains how his company got to the forefront of a technology that offers a much-needed path forward for computing – and how they’re integrating digital technologies that today’s engineers understand.

To learn more about Mythic’s approach to analog computing, visit mythic-ai.com.

Finally, Brandon continues his investigation of what it takes to build scalable smart sensors. After analyzing requirements for translating data models into smart sensor firmware, he goes into tools and techniques available through the PICMG IoT.1 specification that help automate the process. By the end, you should have all the knowledge – and most of the resources – to build a no-code smart sensor of your own.

For more information, visit the PICMG GitHub at https://github.com/picmg, where you can find repositories for the iot_builder, iot_configurator, iot_firmware, and more.