Vishay Adds Nine Smart Power Stages to its Siliconix SiC8xx Family

By Perry Cohen

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

April 05, 2021


Vishay Adds Nine Smart Power Stages to its Siliconix SiC8xx Family
(Image courtesy of Vishay)

Vishay released nine 70 A, 80 A, and 100 A VRPower smart power stages. These power stages feature integrated current and temperature monitoring in the 5 mm x 6 mm PowerPAK MLP56-39 package.

The company’s Siliconix SiC8xx family of smart power stages was designed to reduce energy costs for data centers and high-performance computing, in addition to 5G mobile infrastructure telecom applications.

Per a company press release, the power stages combine power MOSFETs and an advanced driver IC. The devices' high energy efficiency is a result of their internal MOSFETs' state of the art TrenchFET® Gen IV technology, which delivers industry benchmark performance to significantly reduce switching and conduction losses. The SiC8xx smart power stages deliver peak efficiency above 93 % in various application conditions.

Traditionally, solutions that monitor power consumption use inductor DCR sensing, which offers accuracy of 7%. The SiC8xx family utilizes low side MOSFET sensing for accuracy of < 3 %.

Further, the family offers an input range of 4.5 V to 21 V and switching frequencies up to 2MHz. It also supports 3.3 V and 5 V PWM logic with tri-state for compatibility.

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