Infineon's iSSI Shows a 70 % Reduction in Power Dissipation

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 01, 2024


Infineon's iSSI Shows a 70 % Reduction in Power Dissipation
Image Credit: Infineon

Munich, Germany. Infineon Technologies released its Solid-State Isolators (iSSI) featuring drivers leveraging coreless transformer technology for faster and more efficient switching along with circuit protection functionalities that outperform those of optical-based Solid State Relays (SSR). The iSSI enables the driving of Infineon’s OptiMOS and CoolMOS, resulting in a 70 percent reduction in power dissipation compared to general solid-state relays using SCR (silicon-controlled rectifier) and Triac switches.

“Implementing coreless transformers in Solid-State Isolators and Relays is truly a game-changer for power engineers; it provides 50 times lower RDS(on) than existing optically controlled solutions. This enables their use in higher-voltage and higher power applications,” said Davide Giacomini, Marketing Director for the Green Industrial Power Division at Infineon Technologies.

Ideal Applications:

  • Battery Management
  • Energy Storage
  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • Automation System

“No other supplier on the market today can deliver similar performance in a solid-state isolator or relay to drive and protect MOSFETs in power mains applications. As the industry leader in power electronics, we look forward to continuing to innovate in this space to help our drive towards decarbonization,” continued Giacomini.

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