Road to embedded world '23: North Miami Beach, Florida, Klika Tech

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 02, 2023


Image Credit: Klika Tech

To learn how to capitalize on actionable data for edge to cloud Asset Tracking (ASTRA) and Intelligence Platforms, Klika will be demonstrating its solution utilizing NB-IoT and CoAP powered by AWS. Visit embedded world 2023, (Hall 4, Booth 550) to see the ecosystems moving you to the next-generation of data analytics.

Building an open and scalable asset tracking and intelligence platform is harder than it looks.

Globally, organizations are prioritizing the integration of IoT technologies and services into their environments. Often this is done to automate manual processes and get real-time asset tracking data, intelligence, and performance insights for your supply chain needs.

Despite their best efforts, many enterprises experience problems managing and maintaining their fleets of devices, connecting remote sensors and smart devices to the cloud environment securely and cost effectively. This, in turn, leads to incomplete asset tracking data, and can expose the shortcomings of vendor lock-in, based on proprietary trackers, expensive connectivity and platform being used.

This fully "open" system from Klika Tech, 1NCE, and devices from Sercomm and Nordic allows you to select your preferred asset tracker and seamlessly integrate it into your exiting platform. You also have the option of working with Klika Tech to develop and implement a customized version of their ASTRA platform tailored to meet your current and future needs cost effectively.

Optimize asset tracking and intelligence investments with the joint solution from Klika Tech, 1NCE, Sercomm, Nordic, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Using technologies such as Narrow-Band IoT (NB-IoT) and CoAP, Klika Tech integrates Sercomm trackers as well as Nordic nRF9160 series modules to seamlessly receive and store device data on AWS via the MQTT and CoAP protocols using a message broker from 1NCE. Plus, Klika Tech leverages advanced capabilities such as data analytics and visualization to drive unprecedented business insights.

Increase asset tracking efficiency and ROI to make data-driven decisions in real time.

  • Ease of management

Built to provide greater signal penetration with wide coverage, but run with low-power consumption

  • Reduce costs

Know the location of each asset, its condition, and your fleet’s uptime and utilization

  • Unlock your supply chain data

Collect and analyze sensor/device data to drive better business outcomes

  • Eliminate vendor lock-in

Bring your own tracker and platform or let us design one for you

Extend the value of asset-tracking investments across a wide range of applicable use cases

  • High-value asset tracking
  • Supply chain and logistics
  • Smart agriculture
  • Fleet and industrial equipment asset tracking
  • Connected logistics
  • Trailer and rental equipment tracking

Eliminate vendor lock-ins with the Klika Tech Asset Tracking (ASTRA) Solution

As a Klika Tech Asset Tracker Solution Accelerator customer, you can choose to bring your own existing tracking device and either connect it to your platform—or have Klika Tech build you a customized platform based on the ASTRA platform. Putting you in full control of your asset tracking device and platform.

  • Always get a complete view of the data you need
  • Increase data value from edge to cloud by uncovering actionable insights with AWS Lambda functions powering processing in real-time
  • Eliminate vendor lock-in and increase ROI
  • Gain flexibility by taking advantage of on-demand scalability and robust coverage

Getting started:

Klika Tech provides end-to-end solutions for companies of all sizes—from SMBs to Fortune 500 enterprises—by helping them develop and deploy the ideal asset tracking solution for their specific needs. Without vendor lock-in, ever.

Take the first step by visiting Klika Tech.

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