Aquamonitrix Utilizes Octave Edge-to-Cloud IoT Solution for Water Quality Monitoring From Sierra Wireless

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 10, 2021


Aquamonitrix Utilizes Octave Edge-to-Cloud IoT Solution for Water Quality Monitoring From Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless announced that Aquamonitrix is using Sierra Wireless Octave, the all-in one edge-to-cloud solution for connecting industrial assets to the cloud.

The Octave edge-to-cloud solution from Sierra Wireless is designed to enable Aquamonitrix's water quality analyzer to provide accurate, real-time information on nitrate and nitrite levels in fresh and effluent water.

Working in conjunction with Sierra Wireless and Sierra Wireless’ partner Linkwave TechnologiesAquamonitrix Ltd – backed by the resources of its parent company T.E. Laboratories (TelLab) - has been able to use Octave to develop a new remote monitoring IoT application that enables water managers to react to nitrate-related pollution events, helping them to avoid fines, environmental damage, and reputation loss. The application also allows for near-continuous monitoring, so that episodic pollution events need no longer go undetected. Users can gather data to better model and understand nitrate/nitrite sources and treatment dynamics, enabling them to arrive at evidence-based, optimized solutions.

By using Octave, engineers at Aquamonitrix did not have to build any IoT infrastructure from scratch and were able to launch the remote monitoring IoT application in less than five months at a predictable cost.

Aquamonitrix makes access to real-time information on nitrate and nitrite in water systems practical and affordable. Unlike existing real-time analyzers, the Aquamonitrix solution incorporates a separation step that allows it to analyze ‘dirty’ or cloudy real-world samples, without any loss of accuracy or performance. Moreover, because the sensor sits outside the water, it does not succumb to biofouling and is compact, lite-weight, and portable. Its total lifetime costs are also low since no specialized technical skills are required to set it up, operate it, or service it.

Aquamonitrix has so far been deployed in applications that include catchment management, raw water abstraction monitoring, wastewater treatment optimization, and effluent monitoring.

Visit the Octave case studies section of the Sierra Wireless website to learn more about how IoT developers and industrial companies have used Octave to build industrial IoT applications that have transformed their business.

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